Lettera dal Nepal

Qui di seguito la lettera dei nostri collaboratori a Kathmandu, Nepal

Greetings from Nepal,

We would like to once again thank you for your kind concern and support extended to us in such a difficult time that all Nepalese are going through. It was just overwhelming to receive emails, calls and text messages from friends and families all over the world. Each and everyone’s support and prayer means a lot to us at this trying times and we are happy to know that Nepal is in your thoughts and prayers.

While our immediate family, team and friends are safe, the death toll in Nepal passed 5,000 and continues to rise. Rescue efforts are ongoing in Kathmandu and only just beginning to reach more remote areas. Many people have lost their homes and will need immediate access to clean water, food, healthcare and sanitation in the short-term and a sturdy roof to care for their families in the long-term. Local, national and international efforts are being coordinated on the ground. The government has set up the Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund, which is accepting donations to help with treatment, rescue and relief. Established INGOs including the Red Cross, UNICEF, Oxfam and Doctors without Borders and many others are directing funds to the country. Similarly, private sector has also been actively liaising and coordinating with external and internal private sectors and supporters. And individuals are organizing everywhere to address urgent gaps in the collection and distribution of resources, with legitimate appeals for financial aid.

We have been asked by many of our friends and families who wanted to extend their support to the communities and the victims, We would like to share once again that we will channelize all the support that we receive through our PP Prasai Foundation, we will be working ourselves as well as with different groups, committees, NGOs and association as per the need – now on relief materials and later on rehabilitation and rebuilding.

Currently, PP Prasai Foundation has been working on recognizing good work of the teachers from the local communities from all around Nepal to inspire for advancement and creation of opportunities in educational sector. Since last year, five teachers from five development regions and one teacher amongst all over Nepal was recognized with cash award and educational material for the school where the teachers taught. You could also get more details from our website: http://www.ppprasaifoundation.com and/or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ppprasaifoundation

All donations will be recorded and donors will be appraised on a regular basis on how the funds are being used. Please inform us by emailing Shailja Prasai in info@ppprasaifoundation.com or ppprasaifoundation@gmail.com, who will also be able to assist you with any other inquiries.

Thank you once again for your kind support.

Kind regards,
Shikher and Shailja

Segnaliamo anche il sito di Oxfam Italia e AGIRE (Agenzia Italiana Risposta Emergenze):


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